Police 1013 - We got a nice thank you from the developer

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13 September 2012
Some time ago I bought the domain police1013.com to create a fan site - with permission - for a Police game of the same name that is currently being developed. I love my emergency management and planning types of games and simulations and having been hooked on them since Hill Street Blues for the Commodore Amiga many years ago, I just wanted a bigger, modern and larger Police simulation for now - Police 1013 is it and it will even have multiplayer - This is no low budget development!

Hill Street Blues on the Commodore Amiga

Due to time and other commitments and with some people leaving the talkGEEK community who had initially offered to help with the site, I never had chance to really do anything with the domain so it finally ended up pointing to talkGEEK.

I was recently contacted by the game developer asking if they could use the domain to replace their rather long one. From the start the company and people creating this game have been open and honest about their plans and what they are doing, and they give out regular updates. I know many of us at talkGEEK love developers like that. Their polite request was immediately given a yes from me - I want this game to succeed and grow and it was the least I could do to help out and show that our talkGEEK Gaming Community is a great community of gamers dedicated to, well, good games and game developers. I have given them the domain.

They have now granted me a full copy of the game, all alpha and beta access, and access to all future DLC. They also gave me a nice big thank you on Facebook.

So once the domain resolves take a look and see what you think of the game - www.police1013.com ( Old site may still be active for a short time on www.policesimulator1013.com ). It would be nice to have a tGPD clan in multiplayer :)
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7 February 2014
Harrogate, UK
Would be nice if we could all have alpha and beta access to - wink wink nod nod

I don't mind paying for the game when it comes out if I enjoy it, but a "here's some alpha / beta keys for your guys" would be great news for us moving forward into the testing realm as a community

Clearly not trying to exploit your generosity at all :)
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